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Happy Land Rover has been online since 2001.

A new Series Land Rover homepage has been presented almost every month up until this time (July 2018).

Now, the webmaster is changing gear and engaging overdrive.

New homepages will be presented less frequently.

However, other resource pages will be updated as required.

Series Land Rover contains over 500 webpages


The large stock of factual Series Land Rover homepages is still available and are arranged according to themes as listed below:

Personal Land Rovers - where owner's individual Series I,II,IIA, III or Forward Control vehicles are featured. We would like to hear from any Series Land rover owners who would be willing to provide us with information about their vehicle so that it could be featured on a future homepage.

Misc Land Rovers - where various aspects of Series Land Rovers are focussed upon

General interest - where a wide range of topics relevant to Series Land Rover owners are covered

Tech Topics - where a specific technical issue is focussed upon


There is a wide selection of tech help pages focussing on repair and maintenance and these are categorized alphabetically according to topic.


Series Land Rover publications and merchandise are available to order through third party websites online and are kept updated.


Vehicle insurance specifically tailored to classic Series Land Rovers is available for online quotes.


A wide selection of tools chosen to be of value to Series Land Rover owners are described on 6 tools pages and are available to order through third party websites.


Links to Series Land Rover parts and accessories suppliers are available.


Please note that we do NOT stock spare parts. The website is a source of information only.

(To see previous homepages visit the Homepage Archives link)


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