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Series Land Rover Fault Diagnosis eBook - download details
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Series Land Robver eBook

This Series Land Rover fault diagnosis book, supported by the RAC, was written with fast and efficient fault diagnosis in mind. It is cross-referenced throughout to aid rapid and accurate diagnosis, eliminating other possible causes of the problem along the way. Where possible, brief details are given of potential remedies and fixes.

The original paperback version received a total of 20 reviews on with an average score of 4.5/5.

The book addresses problems associated with Series I, II,IIA and III Land Rovers

The book is currently out of print and is now only available as a downloadable eBook.

Chapter headings:

1 Engine running problems
2 Unusual engine noises
2.1 Engine oil problems
3 Clutch & gearbox (transmission)
4 Fueling, emissions & exhaust systems
5 Ignition system
6 Fluids - cooling & heating systems
7 Suspension, driveshafts & steering
8 Braking system
9. Wheels & tyres/tires
10 Electrical system
11 Interior
12 Bodywork & hood (tilt)
13 Infrequent use
14 Spares kit & tools
15 The Community
16 Useful statistics

Australian sources of downloadable eBooks (including other Series Land Rover eBooks):

Kobo has a catalogue of over 1 million eBooks. It retails it's own Kobo eReader but also provides free apps that enable you to read the eBooks you download from them onto your iOS, Andriod, Blackberry, Windows or desktop device.
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Google Books
Google has this and other Series Land Rover eBooks available in its Google Books section. Details of the app you need to read the book on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer are also available via the Google Books link.

Latest update: The publishers have decided to reprint the book.


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