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Series Land Rover Ignition ON problem


You turn the ignition key and the comforting sight of the red ignition warning light fails to make its appearance! So, you're not going anywhere in a hurry. It will probably be a faulty electrical connection. but it’s a case of finding where it is. Start at the source of all things electrical - the battery. Check for a loose or dirty terminal connection, including the earth connection to the chassis. If you have a battery isolator switch fitted, check the operation of this by switching it on and off a few times - we tend to forget that they have terminals inside that need to be checked occasionally as they can build up insulating deposits and break the main circuit.

Next, move onto the main fusebox because the metal end caps of the classic fuses and the clips that hold them in place tend to corrode with time and can cease to make good electrical contact.

Still not found the cause? Time to check the ignition switch for a loose connection which can easily happen on corrugated roads. Check all terminal connections on the back of the switch.

To check for internal ignition switch problems, disconnect the battery, leave the switch mounted in position but remove the wires from the switch, marking or remembering where they came from. Use a multi-meter set to resistance measurement and touch one meter probe to the ignition switch input terminal (brown wire or brown with blue tracer) and the other probe to the terminal activated by operating the switch (white wire). There should be very little resistance - a very high reading means a broken circuit and a faulty switch.

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