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Series Land Rover Exhaust System Problems

Blowing exhaust or manifold
If your Series Land Rover is displaying reduced engine performance, suspect that you may have a slightly leaky exhaust. You may be able to detect exhaust gases escaping using a thin strip of thin paper as a feather substitute. It’s important to remember that exhaust gases are extremely poisonous, so do it outdoors.
If a joint is leaking, unfastening it is often not easy, even after soaking bolts in penetrating oil. Usually it's prudent to just cut through the securing bolts. Always loosen the chassis mounting points on each side of the joint that you are repairing, so that you don’t introduce stress into the system. Clean the separated joint surfaces and use exhaust sealing compound before tightening up the joint and mounting bolts.

Corroded pipes can be repaired with commercial exhaust bandage but if not available, you can cover the hole with a wired-on thin metal patch cut from an aluminium drinks can.
For broken/detached exhaust pipes you can often use tie wire as a temporary replacement for mounting brackets.
For a broken pipe, then splinting the broken halves together with small all-metal tools such as spanners, or files and tie-wire can work temporarily. It's important to seal the joint against exhaust gases leaking out as much as possible. All Series Land Rovers are far from air tight, so exhaust fumes will tend to enter the vehicle from a damaged system.





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