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50 Years of the Series IIA Land Rover

The Land Rover Series IIA celebrates its 50th birthday this year. For many people it remains the most iconic representation of the Land Rover marque, with its aesthetically improved body styling over the Series I, but retaining those classic recessed headlamps. The last two years of Series IIA production however saw the headlamps move into the wings. From 1969-71 you need to look at the radiator design or door hinges, to tell at a glance, whether you are looking at a Series IIA or Series III.

It was partly the improved diesel engine of the Series IIA that encouraged its adoption and adaptation throughout the commercial world. Numerous companies were authorised to produce specialist vehicles, ranging from fire tenders to camper conversions. It was also during the Series IIA era that the military half-ton airportable model was developed and the Forward Control also came into existence.

Whilst the standard Series IIA changed little visually during the models production years, it was infact under steady technical development. So it is important to check chassis numbers and engine/gearbox numbers when ordering replacement parts. Infact, due to the popularity of the model with its inbuilt longevity, there are many parts now being remanufactured.

Owners of Series IIA's vary considerably in their philosophy of ownership. Some owners will use the vehicle as a daily runabout, whilst others modify it for serious off-road competition or embark upon a full restoration to as near factory condition as possible.

The great majority of Series Land Rovers were exported from the UK and it is unusual not to spend time in almost any country of the world without coming across at least one Series IIA still going about its daily business. The relative ease with which the Series IIA is repaired and maintained, means that, in many cases, repairs may have been carried out with non Land Rover parts.





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