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Series Land Rover County Station Wagons

Series Land Rover County  
County seats
Bob and Sarah's restored County Station Wagon

The station wagon has been an optional choice for Series Land Rover purchasers since 1958. The rugged interior design however gradually became less desirable amongst a changing clientel. They wanted more comfort, as they were increasingly using the vehicles for everyday transport and not always primarily as the offroad workhorse it was designed as. So in 1982 the upgraded County Station Wagon versions became available. These ugraded models were short-lived however as the 109in County gave way to the One Ten County in 1983 and the 88in County was replaced by the Ninety County model in 1984. So genuine Series County Staion Wagons are relatively rare and therefore not often up for sale. You are far more likely to see a standard Series station wagon upgraded to County class by addition of cloth seating and body stripes. So if you are looking at a `County' for sale, then check its paperwork carefully to see if it is a genuine model or not a later replica upgrade. A replica of course should fecth a lower market price than an original.

The mechanical aspects of the 88in County Station Wagons remained much the same as their earlier Series III counterparts, whereas the 109in was offered with the option of a V8 engine.

The County trim options available were: bodywork in either Russet Brown or Masai red, with cream coloured striping. Other trim options were silver-grey or black headlamp bezels, twin auxiliary driving lamps, tinted glass, tweed upholstered seats, head restraints, sound absorbing panels, spare wheel cover, lifting and towing rings, reversing light, ashtray, inertia seat belts, side-mounted indicator repeaters, rear mudflaps and radial ply tyres.





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