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Series Land Rover 2286cc By-pass Hose Replacement

We are all conscious of the radiator hoses being in need of regular replacement due to the rubber becoming hardened and cracking - potentially leading to major leak, engine overheating and even engine seizure. The cylinderhead by-pass hose suffers the same potential fate and it should be replaced with the same frequency as the radiator hoses. It is not difficult, infact the design is such that the cylinderhead does not need to be removed in order to renew the hose.

The first signs that all may not be well with the by-pass are cracked edges above and/or below the attaching hoseclips. Water may not be visible for a small leak on a hot engine in a hot climate but white crystalline deposits from the evaporated coolant may be visible on the engine surface.

By-pass replacement begins by draining the coolant to at least below the level of the by-pass. Then remove the two bolts mounting the heater outlet elbow to the thermostat housing and remove the elbow unit complete, either with or without the by-pass attached (photos 2&3 above). Any gasket adhering to the thermostat housing and the elbow unit must be carefully removed. Any corrosion on the surfaces where the bypass hose fits must be rubbed away else a leak will develop later.

Fit the bypass hose securely to the elbow unit first with the aid of some rubber compatible sealant. Smear some sealant onto where the lower end of the bypass hose fits then push on the bypass with the elbow unit attached. Smear sealant onto both surfaces of thermostat housing gasket and fit it in postion. Finally tighten up the fixing bolts and the lower hoseclip of the bypass hose.


Add the coolant back into the radiator and watch for leaks. Run the engine to working temperature and again check for leaks. If a small leak is noticed from the bypass hose it may be possible to tighten the hose clips whilst the rubber is hot and flexible.





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