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Series Land Rover Replacement Headlamp Looms

Original wiring on even the youngest Series Land Rovers will be more than 25 years old by now. As wiring gets older the insulation becomes brittle, chafed and more likely to have been trapped or damaged. Electrical connections, particularly the bullet type, are increasingly subject to corrosion. This increases electrical resistance and thereby decreases the current that can pass through . Wiring which is required to carry higher currents is most affected by poor condition and headlamp wiring looms carry some of the highest currents in the vehicle's electrical system.

The above factors all point towards the need for upgrading the wiring, but there are other factors that relate specifically to the headlamp wiring circuit. Notably amongst these is the common lighting upgrade from standard 55W bulbs or sealed beam units to the 100W alternative bulbs that are now available. These bulbs require greater current, so wiring and connections need to be in good condition. An alternative to these 100W bulbs are the new xenon bulbs which are still rated at 55W.

Autosparks provide a replacement headlamp wiring loom as shown on the left, complete with attached socket.

When old and modified wiring is replaced, as on the right, the upgrade is particularly effective.
Whilst the new wiring loom comes with new bullet connectors it is important to remember that the metal sleeves into which they fit should be corrosion free and replacements used if not.
When installed, the new wiring loom should make a significant difference to the lighting.





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