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Series Land Rover Theft Prevention

We tend to forget just how many motives there may be for someone to steal an old Land Rover. All the usual reasons relating to theft of a vehicle apply, such as joy riders etc, but Series Land Rovers are increasingly becoming collectors items. The motive for taking yours may simply be to strip it for parts and sell them on via the internet. Most Series Land Rovers are worth more stripped for their parts than as a complete vehicle. Much easier to dispose of also.

So, we should be aware that it only takes a few minutes to load one into the back of a truck or onto a trailer and drive off with it.

Theft prevention techniques can be divided into 3 groups:

A variety of commercial items exist to prevent key mechanical parts from operating e.g. the steering wheel from turning or the control pedals being depressed. There is also the time honoured technique of removing the distributor rotor arm on petrol engine Series Land Rovers. None of these methods will prevent a vehicle being pushed or winched onto a trailer however if the tow vehicle can park directly infront.

Disabling the electrical system will prevent the vehicle being driven away. Hidden switches in the ignition circuit are time honoured methods but the ignition circuit is easily bypassed, especially on Series I.II & IIA Land Rovers. A battery isolator switch is a popular choice and if this is put in the earth lead then it can be located somewhere convenient inside the vehicle by extending the earth lead from the battery and grounding it on the chassis near the gearbox.

Fuel system
For vehicles with an electric fuel pump a hidden switch can be put in the supply lead to the pump. For mechanical pumps a military style tank changeover switch can be put into the fuel line with one of the fuel inlets being sealed off.


With the keys removed this Series Land Rover is electrically dead and starved of fuel.





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