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Links on this page to previous homepages which featured Series Land Rovers may describe details of vehicles that may now be under different ownership. If you are the current owner of one of the vehicles featured and would like to update us on the vehicle's activities then please contact us. Some original owners set up their own websites focussing on their vehicle. Some of these websites no longer exist however.

The April 2004 Australian homepage
featured Rob Fri's 1955 86 inch Series One Land Rover Restoration. Whilst Rob no longer seems to own this vehicle you will find details of his current vehicles and his latest adventures in them.

The chassis was in relatively good condition for its age and was sandblasted. Other details of the restoration are available on the homepage, as is a link to his still online website.

In May 2004 we focussed upon Michael Mulrennan's 1973 Series 3 SWB. Although he no longer owns the vehicle the homepage details how he used it and what its main features were.

Sereies 3

June 2004 saw Nigel Gamblin's Land Rover Series III, Stage 1, V8 LWB Ute being featured. technical details of the vehicle are given as well as photos of some of the offroad activities Nigel indulged in.

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