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June 27th 2004
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Wouter de Waal's 1959 Land Rover Series II Station Wagon: Spikkels

"I don't drive a Land-Rover because it's a 4x4. I drive a Land-Rover because it's a way of life."

Wouter's brother, Pieter, bought the Land-Rover in South Africa.It was in running condition but didn't stop so well! Infact they had to "hack some brakes together" before they could get it home.

When the restoration started, an angle grinder was found to be a really useful piece of equipment... Wouter has recorded a diary style account of his restoration on his website. He warns that rebuilding a Land Rover from the ground up is not a task to be undertaken lightly. It's more work than you think. Some of Wouter's diary entries during the restoration, which started in January 1996, relate to

Lifting the axle! Finding a 3/8"BSF socket in S.Africa to remove the diff.

Need to replace BSF stuff with UNF/UNC stuff to achieve realistic costs.

Chassis & firewall sent for sandblasting, welding and galvanising.

Sandblasting found the chassis number 162900770: export petrol 109" station wagon RHD 1959

Soaking brake adjusters and one brake cyl in sulfuric acid.

Rear springs to be retensioned.

Torn gaiters can be used to make patterns for another set from leather

Had to donner the stub axles after heating the hubs with a propane torch.

Removed frame bushing's outer sleeves with a serious hangover and with assistance from a hacksaw and chisel.

Went to the bank, stuck some money in the cheque account

Fetch one spring bush from the fridge where you've kept it overnight, liberally spray with Q20, and hammer it in

Don't ever have anything with internal threads media-blasted. Some small bits of media stick inside the threads and chow your taps when you try to recut the threads

Elmari, Wouter & Spikkels
Photos taken on the 50th anniversary tour of the perimeter of S.Africa

Spikkels and Elmari
Spikkels was registered on the 28th of February, 1998."And we left on the 10th of March to join the 50th Anniversary Tour." In the final few weeks Wouter spent 8 hours per day (after work) on getting everything ready. He just made it :-).
Wouter's website is worth visiting for a wealth on information and photos related to Series Land Rovers and a whole host of things that interest him.

Thanks Wouter

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