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Land Rover Series III 3.5 Litre V8 Petrol Engine

The 109in Series 3 took a quantum leap forward when the Stage 1 V8 Land Rover was launched in 1979. No such development was available on the 88in chassis. The V8 engine had it's power reduced from it's original design specification by placing restrictor plates in the intake system, thus limiting the engine's air supply. Even so, it still produced about one third more power than the alternative 4 cylinder engine then available in the standard 109 Series 3. The physical size of the engine made it such that the front of the Stage 1 V8 Land Rover had to be modified, thereby leading to the particular distinguishing frontal features of this new and powerful Series 3 Land Rover.
The V8 engine produces maximum power and torque at unusually low speeds, putting it in a class of its own, both offroad and for towing. It can give the Land Rover a top speed of over 80mph and a capability to climb 45 degree slopes.

Engine specs:
[Land Rover Stage 1 V8]
swept engine volume: 3528cc
cylinder bore: 88.9mm
piston stroke: 71.1mm
compression ratio: 8.13:1
power: 91bhp at 3,500rpm
torque: 166ft lb at 2000rpm
Firing order: 1,8,4,3,6,5,7,2
Ignition timing: Detox TDC, non Detox 6deg BTDC
Contact points gap 0.015in (35mm-40mm)
Dwell meter 26-28deg at 600rpm
Spark plug gap 0.025in (0.65mm)

Chassis numbers for Series III 109in Stage I V8 Land Rovers are:
LBCAV1AA100001(Home and export RHD), LBCAV1AF100001(CKD RHD), LBCAV2AA100001(Export LHD), LBCAV2AF100001(CKD LHD)
Station Wagon
LBCMV1AA100001(Home and export RHD), LBCMV1AF100001(CKD RHD), LBCMV2AA100001(Export LHD), LBCMV2AF100001(CKD LHD)


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