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Series Land Rover - Car Heritage

Rover P3

The Series 1 Land Rover was preceeded by a series of Rover cars. The cars were divided into project groups:
P1 Rover Ten, Twelve, Fourteen and Sixteen [production years 1937-40]
P2 Rover revised models of Ten, Twelve, Fourteen and Sixteen [production years 1945-47]
P3 Rover 60, 75 [production years 1948-50]
P4 t
he "Cyclops" models: Rover 60, 75, 80, 90, 100, 105. [production years 1950-64]
P5 & P5B Rover 3 litre & 3.5 litre [production years 1958-67 and 1967-73]
P6 & P6B Rover 2000, 2200 & 3500 [production years 1963-77 and 1966-76]

With the Rover Company's budget being tight in the post war period, it was logical to utilise whatever was appropriate from this Rover car production to get the new Land Rover onto the market and make the Rover company more profitable. Infact there was a time when both the Series 1 Land Rover and the Rover cars were produced under the same roof.

So which parts were utilised? Well the Rover 60 provided the engine for the first Series Land Rovers. The model name for the Rover 60 was based on the 60bhp of this 1595cc engine. The 6 cylinder Rover 75 provided the Land Rover's main gearbox, since together with it's bellhousing, it was several inches shorter than that used for the Rover 60 and was a better fit in the 80" chassis. But the gear lever change mechanism is different.

The first Series 1 Land Rovers utilsed the P2 car differentials (4.88:1). Later Series I's used the P3 (4.7:1). The rear axle casings, wheel bearings and seals come from the P3.

The steering wheel, horn, dip switch, coil, regulator box, warning lights and ammeter are common with the P3 and several others items, such as the hand brake lever, clutch pedal, brake pedal and steering box are close derivatives of the P3 versions.


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