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Series Land Rover Instrument Panels

The first Land Rovers had all the basic instrumentation, consisting of speedometer, ammeter, fuel gauge, lighting/ignition switch and warning lights together with a pair of inspection lamp sockets.

Series 1

Series II
Series 2 Land Rovers incorporated a more user-friendly dashboard, including parcel shelves; first introduced in the Tickford Stationwagon. This facility was then enhanced by combining the ammeter, main beam warning light and fuel gauge into one instrument. The ignition and lights switches remained an intgral unit.
Early Series 2A Land Rovers used the Series 2 instrument panel. Later, the ammeter was replaced with a temperature gauge. The ignition switch underwent a major redesign: lighting controls were put onto to a separate panel switch and the starter was now incorporated into the igntion switch, instead of being a push button affair below the instrument panel. With the combining of the separate windscreen wipers a panel switch was mounted in the facia to control the new single wiper motor.

Series IIA

Series III
The Series 3 Land Rover saw the ignition and screen wiper switches move from the instrument panel to the steering column and the main beam warning light was moved over to the speedometer. This left space for the re-introduction of an ammeter, but it never happened.

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