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Travellers' Observations on
Australian Series Land Rovers

In January 1997 John, Mary & Kathryn set off to spend most of the year travelling from Taiwan to Europe. A keen Land Rover enthusiast, John put some of his Australian Land Rover sitings online, but they seem to be unobtainable now.

Photos here are mainly from the Rainbow Beach area.


Anybody spot their vehicle?

The greatest concentration of old Land Rovers they saw was in Queensland, with the density increasing as they went north. In Rainbow Beach they saw a number of Series trucks, mostly LWB 3-door hardtops, often in camoflage paint. They noted that the Land Rovers often had homemade flatbed or stakebed rear bodies. Originality did not seem a priority.



Station wagons and SWBs were not common. Roof racks and sturdy bull bars with fishing rod carriers were common.

John also noted a number of Land Rover wreckers with a healthy supply of Series parts.