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November 2009 Homepage
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Grover: Larry's 1963 Series IIA 88in Land Rover Stationwagon

The photograph above was taken shortly after Larry took delivery of the vehicle in May 2004.

Larry doesn't consider himself an old-timer, but he states on his blog that he ‘found’ Rovers while watching Hatari / Daktari as a young sprout. To Larry, and the rest of his extended family, Grover is family. Infact this Series Land Rover has been willed to Larry's youngest, who has ambitions to become a country vet. Larry's ulitmate goal is to get Grover to the point he could make some of those trips and expeditions that people talk about on the net.

Over the past 3 years larry has been regularly updating his blog on the progress of steadily restoring and upgrading this vehicle. His blog is a a treasure trove of photos of every aspect of a Series Land Rover and contains useful down to earth information. There are lots of interesting tales in there also - such as when his US mechanic relatives blew the silencer apart when attempting to time the engine without consulting the British manual. You'll also find some great videos he found on the web.

Grover gives 15-20 mpg and the coolant maintains a steady 169F (76C). Though this is not the present situation as the rebuild from the chassis up is currently in progress. Follow it on Larry's blog. Larry enjoys driving in city traffic with Grover. He learns all sorts of new hand gestures from other drivers!

The rebuild begins!

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