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James Ferguson's 1956 Series I Land Rover:

James admits on his website that he sufferes from a disease called Landroveritus (know the symptoms?). He must be particularly badly afflicted because he sold his Discovery and bought his third Land Rover - "a gorgeous Series 1 88" ". James bought the Series I in October 2005 and named it Huffo due to its registration plate. Once he had built up confidence in Huffo he sold his Discovery so that his only transport was then this Series 1 Land Rover. She is one of the first of the 88" models, fitted with the spread bore 1997cc petrol engine, and was built in 1956.

Keeping a 50 year old Land-Rover running is a challenge in itself, but James decided that a fun challenge would be to drive Huffo from one end of Great Britain to the other (from John O'Groats to Land's End). Befitting the age of the vehicle James decided to make the journey without the use of motorways. The adventure was, understandably, highly eventful and details of the journey were published over two editions of Land-Rover Monthly magazine (LRM) in July and August 2006. You can read the complete diary of the 13 day journey on Jame's website . There is also a lot of information there about other Land Rovers James has owned and he has included useful details regarding repairs and modifications he has made to his vehicles over the years. Well worth a visit.

You may also be interested in the construction details of Jame's homemade double garage/workshop facility; also available on his website.

A true sufferer of Landroveritus, Jame's two goldfish were named Ayteyate and Wunnonine (good one James!)

Thanks James

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