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Richard Edwins' Series III Land Rover:

Many a Land Rover owner and their vehicle, pair up for a good number of years, and this is one such case.

Richard bought this vehicle as a burnt out wreck in 1983. He set about getting it back on the road. The following year it became his main vehicle, having fitted a 2.25 litre diesel engine and covered it with a hardtop. Over the following years Richard used it to tow a caravan around Europe with his family, and also used it to compete in Land Rover club events in the UK.

Over the years, the chassis was replaced with a galvanized one, and the hardtop adorned with genuine stationwagon sides. The engine was replaced with a Turner reconditioned 2.25 litre unit. A 1964 Turner Mini winch was fitted to the front, such that the drive to the winch was not live at all times.

When a newer Land Rover entered upon the scene, this Series III moved into second vehicle status and was used to ferry the kids around. Then, upon Richard's son passing his driving test, it became his son's first vehicle. As time went on, his son acquired a faster set of wheels and the `Series III entered the barn for quite a few years.

Last year, it emerged from the barn and was fitted with a 200TDI engine with Discovery radiator and intercooler. The Land Rover now has twin fuel tanks, battery under the middle seat, an exhaust made from Discovery parts, LWB front brakes and Forward Control wheel rims. It is now used for trialing events at Land Rover clubs.


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