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Series I Land Rover Restoration

Unrestored Series I Land Rover
In sleep mode!

Here is a fine example of what can be achieved when a truely dedicated Land Rover enthusiast gets to work to restore a vehicle that most people would regard as already condemned to scrap metal. All the more credit to Roberto Hirth that this restoration was not undertaken in the UK, where most parts are available for Series I's, albeit with some effort requitred to locate them, but in Brazil.

It is commonly stated that about 70% of all Series Land Rovers were exported from the UK after leaving the factory in Solihull . So, in theory at least, there could be parts available worldwide. However, it is only in the UK that there are a large number of Land Rover clubs with a highly organised infrastructure together with numerous Land Rover events that enable exchange of information and parts to take place so easily. Furthermore, the geographical nature of the UK means that it is rarely more than a day trip to go and collect a part that a fellow enthusiast may have for sale. So full credit to all those restorers around the world who achieve their goals despite the additional problems associated with their location and relative isolation.

Restored Series I Land Rover
Alive and kicking again!


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