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Rebuilding a 1959 Series II Land Rover

To rebuild a Series Land Rover is a major committment that requires a lot of effort and careful planning (we won't mention BUDGET right!). So when someone undertakes the challenge and goes to the trouble of posting details of the entire process online then us Land Rover enthusiasts call all benefit from it. So thanks to James for all his efforts creating his Rebuilding Blog

Before & After
Before & After
After buying the vehicle in May 2006 and driving it for a few months, James set about rebuilding it.
Over the course of the following 3 years James set about the restoration process, mostly outdoors as the vehicle would not fit into his garage. So there you are, 'where there is a will there's a way'. He regularly posted details and photographs of the work carried out. There is a wealth of detail on some aspects, such as diagrams for the fitting of inertia seat belts - James notes that fitting belts (even though not legally required in the UK for pre 1973 vehicles) prevents possible denting of the bulkhead!

There is a particularly detailed series of postings on the restoration of the axles.

There is also some good practical advice such as using 1 1/4 BSF bolts to re-attach the swivel mountings and not making
the mistake of using 1 3/8 bolts as you will be unable to tighten the lock nuts up as the nuts will reach the bolt shoulder. So if you are planning to rebuild a Series Land Rover, whether it be a Series 1, 2 or 3, or even if you just want to see how it is tackled then James' blog is well worth a visit.

The vehicle is now on the road and out and about as every Series Land Rover should be

Thanks for the Blog James


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