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May 2003 Homepage (UK/Europe)

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James Hooper's 1963 Land Rover Diesel Series 2a

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James outlines "ANHA"'s characteristics as having a top speed of 45-ish and acceleration - non existent.
Sound familiar?
But it returns a healthy 25mpg.

Diesel IIA Land Rover

The seats have been changed for a simple wooden bench, which lifts off to allow room to keep loads of tools underneath out of sight. The seat base is about six inches higher than the original seats and the back is a simple cushion tied to the rear bulkhead.

Series Land Rover seats

In 2000 James got a truck cab from a breakers and fitted it to the vehicle.

James found that the old seals around the doors had all perished so he stripped them off and a couple of hours with an angle grinder have allowed him to fit door seals from a old ford which has made it quite snug inside.

Series Land Rover doorseal

In 2001 the brakes decided they would no longer stop the vehicle. James had to fit new front drums and slave cylinders and new shoes all round. The problem seemed to be that as the drums were no longer round the shoes were binding and getting hot. This boiled the fluid and wrecked the cylinders making them stick which made them bind even more.

James reports that ANHA now sports a rag top. The canvas top seemed to be warmer than the tin tops over the winter and no condensation!

Visit James' website (no longer online) for other interesting insights into how one guy keeps his Land Rover alive.

Thanks James.

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