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November 2003 Homepage (UK/Europe)

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Shaun Murphy's Lilly: a 1964 Series 2a Long Wheelbase Land Rover

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Lilly started her life as a Land Rover with a 2600cc 6 cylinder petrol engine. But, when Shaun met Lilley she was powered by a Perkins 4203 (3.3litre) diesel engine. The engine gave plenty of pulling power but a top road speed of only 53.5 miles per hour. So it had to go! The strength of the engine also tended to be a bit hard on gearboxes (4 in 1999).

Ex-military Series 3 Land Rover

Shaun hates wearing seatbelts and Lilly was just old enough to be exempt from them. (The free road tax was just a bonus).

March 2001 and the reconditioned gear box gave up the ghost again. It jammed up on Shaun about 50 miles from home. Anyway he got it home, took the gear box out (again) and stripped it down to find a stripped gear shaft.

On the way to a Land Rover Club meeting in May 2001 Lilly lost power and started to belch out large amounts of grey/white smoke from the exhaust pipe. Back home (during a coffee and a smoke) Shaun noticed that the gap on one of the inlet valves was about 3/4" instead of 0.008"! so he adjusted it and the engine ran fine.

August 2001 Lilley acquired a 2.5di engine from a Ford transit van.

To quote from Shaun's website one month later: "It's quieter and faster than before, and the steering's lighter than it was (not as much weight on the front end) In fact it's like driving a different car. I clocked the speed at 73mph"

Finally, Shaun moved back to Yorkshire and in December 2002 Lilley was sold.

Thanks Shaun


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