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Gromit, a Refurbished Land Rover Series 2a, Arrives in New Mexico

Land Rover Series 2

"Gromit suffered no ill effects from his roll on/roll off shipping." This is the news that Steve Northup, Gromit's owner, communicated to LIVERIDGE BRITISH 4X4 LTD back in the UK. Importation was "amazingly smooth".

Then, Gromit quit on a Houston freeway, in the middle of rush hour.

Nothing was amiss. Gromit acted like he was out of fuel, but that was not possible as Steve had just filled the driver's side tank. As yet he hadn't looked for the second tank, but did so and found it. Empty. He discovered the fuel tank switch by the driver's left foot, moved it, turned the key and watched the gas gauge go to full.

Land Rover Series 2
Steve had to drive through a hurricane on his way out of Houston, five hours worth. The wind and rain were relentless and brutal. Gromit was stable and secure.

Land Rover Series 2

Gromit got better than 20 mpg for the trip, and once actually went over 60! Like Steve says, if he had wanted speed he'd have "bought a Ferrari". In the thousand mile journey Gromit actually passed 6 cars, but one of them may have been stalled.

There were no signs of overheating, even in the 90-plus degree part of Texas.

More details of LIVERIDGE BRITISH 4X4 LTD and their refurbishments for export are available on this site.