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Series Land Rover Diesel Engine Lacks Power

High mileage: With this comes low compression due to worn cylinders/rings and worn, leaky valves. Ther may also be a problem with the engine 'running on' as oil will be able to enter the cylnders and act as fuel.
Accelerator linkage: The mechanical nature of the accelerator linkage is such that there are several joints relying upon a friction fit. You may not be getting full accelerator pedal movement being transmitted.
Air filter: The standard oil bath cleaner of the Series Land Rover should not be overfilled and the large connecting hose checked for internal collapse, thus restricting air flow.
Fuel pump: Pump may not be delivering sufficient fuel.
Fuel injection pump: The timing may be incorrect and need adjusting.
Fuel injectors: To diagnose an injector problem loosen each fuel pipe to the injectors in turn. A marked drop in engine performance will be noticed if the injector is working well.
Valve timing: Listen for clicking sounds from the rocker cover and check the tappet clearances are as they should be.
Binding Brakes: If the wheel centres feel warm to the touch after a short drive with not much use of the brakes, then the brake shoes may need backing off a bit. Jack up the wheels to confirm and adjust as necessary.
Slipping clutch: The clutch driven plate may be glazed or oil contaminated. The free clutch pedal movement may be incorrect or the clutch master cylinder pushrod may have incorrect free play.
Engine overheating: The cause of the overheating may be cooling system related, but it could also be the fuel injectors could be faulty or fuel distributor pump settings could be the cause.
Tyre pressures: Seriously under-inflated tyres can cause a Series Land Rover, with a standard engine, to lose more of what little power it has.
Recent overhaul: Unlikely, but if the engine has been recently rebuilt and wrong bearing clearances set-up then power will be wasted over-coming more friction.
Timing chain: A stretched timing chain will lead to inaccurate valve timing.
Fuel supply: There are several fuel filters enroute from the tank to the fuel injectors. If they are partially blocked they will restrict full fuel supply.

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