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Series Land Rover Cooling System Checks - Part 2

 This is a continuation from Part 1, focussing on servicing and maintaining all aspects of a Series Land Rover's cooling system so as to benefit from greater engine efficiency and reliability.

8. Taking a long time for the engine to warm up could mean the thermostat is stuck open. Overheating could be the thermostat not fully opening. The thermostat can be checkedby removing it and suspending it by a thread in a pan of water whilst measuring the temperature at which it opens. The reason for suspending it, is because the sides and bottom of the pan will be hotter than the water inside it. Check that it opens fully also.

9. If the thermostst is removed. take the opportunity to reverse flush the system by pouring water through the thermostat housing after opening the engine block drain tap and disconnecting the bottom radiator hose.

10. If there is an electrical temperature gauge fitted, clean the sender unit connections.

11. The heater, if fitted, is also part of a Series Land Rover's cooling system so check the heater matrix and its connection hoses for leaks. The matrix can become partially blocked if the system has been repeatedly topped up with 'hard' water.

12. Temporary radiator repairs are possible with the use of a variety of liquid sealants that can be poured into the radiator to seal the hole. Some of these are of a thick porridge consistency and can lead to the build-up of heat insulatiing and restrictive deposits on the inside of the water jacket. If your Series Land Rover is overheating and you haven't owned it for long, then consider this as a possible cause created by a previous owner. Only chemical treatment and back flushing of the system will remove the problem.

13. If an electric cooling fan is fitted, then check the temperature at which the fan switches on. Adjust as necessary whilst test driving, but don't set the cut-in temperature too low as these fans are not designed to operate for more than a few minutes at a time. You will shorten the life of the motor. It's only a few minutes job to re-fit the mechanical fan when the electric fan is mounted infront of the radiator.

Series Land Rover Cooling System Checks - Part 1

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