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Series Land Rover Winter Preparation Part II

Fix problems: If you have difficulties starting the engine in the present weather conditions then assume things will only get worse, so sort any starting problems out now. A weak spark at the plug will get weaker from a colder battery and an ageing coil. Dirty spark plugs will worsen the problem, so change them if they are past their best. If your battery is struggling to turn over the engine in the morning then plan to renew it before long.
Steering balljoints may be subject to salty roadspray being thrown at them, so check for split or badly fitting balljoint covers and replace them if necessary. If the balljoints are greasable then get your grease gun out and load them with grease.
Wiper blades will likely be working more frequently than before and may be bonding to the windscreen if the vehicle is stored outside in frosty weather. Change any loose or worn wiper rubbers. If the wiper motor(s) are sluggish then check electrical connections and for Series I,II & IIA Land Rovers check for congealed grease internally (time consuming and fiddly to strip and re-grease).
Underbody floor support struts are prone to corrosion and now is the time to check their condition and at least clean and treat with a corrosion convertor liquid if some corrosion is already present.
If any chassis corrosion has been found earlier and it's not possible to weld the problem out of existence right now, then at least clean it up, apply rust convertor and paint over it until Spring comes.

Winterize the vehicle: For screen washers, add soap solution or use screenwash liquid to prevent freezing and run some through the system. If the radiator anti-freeze coolant has not been changed for two years then change it now. If you have been topping up the coolant with water during the year instead of anti-freeze mixture then it is also advisable to change it.
Clean lenses, replace bulbs and wipe reflectors as approriate.
Series Land Rover Tilts need to be water-proofed periodically so if you haven't done yours for a few years then now is probably the time.
Any air draughts through door, window or vent seals will be most unwelcome when they hit you at below freezing.
If you are not likely to get stuck in long tail-backs of traffic moving very slowly then you could remove the mechanical fan blades, even if you don't have an electric fan fitted. You can carry the blades with you though and re-fitting is only a 20min job at the roadside. You will get a faster engine warm-up, better performance, more heat for the interior and demister and a slight saving in fuel consumption.
Load up the universal joints on the propshafts with grease via a grease gun. This will ensure lubrication but also keep water out of the joints.
Finally, there are a few things that you may find useful to carry in the vehicle, namely: de-icer, windscreen scraper, top-up coolant mixture, spare wiper blades, spare bulbs.

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