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Series Land Rover Fault Diagnosis Book - Author Maurice Thurman

An informative troubleshooting guide to the Series I, II & III Land Rovers. Designed to focus upon the most common problems experienced by a Series Land Rover owner, from engine sounds to suspension issues, and provides fast, sometimes innovative offroad repairs to get you on the move again, together with detailed advice on more expensive repairs. Covers most civilian models, including the standard petrol and diesel engines, this is an essential book for Series Land Rover drivers.

Chapter titles
Introduction & thanks 9 Wheels & tyres/tires
1 Engine running problems 10 Electrical system
2 Unusual engine noises 11 Interior
2.1 Engine oil problems 12 Bodywork & hood (tilt)
3 Clutch & gearbox (transmission) 13 Infrequent use
4 Fueling, emissions & exhaust systems 14 Spares kit & tools
5 Ignition system 15 The Community
6 FluIds – cooling & heating systems 16 Useful statistics
7 Suspension, driveshafts & steering Index
8 Braking system  

Intended to be the mechanic in your glovebox, useful for troubleshooting, identifying troublesome issues and suggesting roadside fixes for 101 common problems associated with Series Land Rovers – both on and off-road.
Its user-friendly layout utilises extensive cross-referencing, helping you to quickly diagnose a problem. Solutions for a range of problems, from sudden engine failure to unfamiliar sounds and smells are given in topic-specific chapters. The standard petrol and diesel Series Land Rover engines are covered, except for the V8. Some Land Rover models are known to have their own particular weaknesses and these are also included, with advice on eemporary and permanent repairs. Tips on preventative maintenance are included.
Features innovative temporary fixes learnt from years of on and off-road driving, with over 100 diagrams and photographs, this book can assist you and your Series Land Rover to get back on the road.
Author: Maurice Thurman

To order your copy click on the link on the right


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