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Series 3 Land Rover Basic Specifications

Whilst the basic specifications of the Series II/IIA were often due to demands from owners for more load carrying capacity and better overall performance, the changes to Series III specifications were largely focussed upon functionality and conveniencedue due to compettion from the increasingly popular Japanese 4x4 market.

Vehicle Load capacities 88inch
Model Min unladen weight Max allowable weight
Soft top petrol 2856lb(1298kg) 4664lb(2120kg)
Soft top diesel 2939lb(1336kg) 4664lb(2120kg)
Cab truck petrol 2875lb(1307kg) 4664lb(2120kg)
Cab truck diesel 2959lb(1345kg) 4664lb(2120kg)
Hard top petrol 3181lb(1446kg) 4664lb(2120kg)
Hard top diesel 3271lb(1487kg) 4664lb(2120kg)
7-seater station wagon petrol 3357lb(1526kg) 4664lb(2120kg)
7-seater station wagon diesel 3447lb(1567kg) 4664lb(2120kg)

Vehicle Load capacities 109inch (4-cylinder engines)
Model Min unladen weight Max allowable weight
Soft top petrol 3540lb(1609kg) 5962lb(2710kg)
Soft top diesel 3648lb(1658kg) 5962lb(2710kg)
Cab truck petrol 3546lb(1612kg) 5962lb(2710kg)
Cab truck diesel 3654lb(1661kg) 5962lb(2710kg)
Hard top petrol 3639lb(1654kg) 5962lb(2710kg)
Hard top diesel 3747lb(1703kg) 5962lb(2710kg)
12-seater station wagon petrol 3967lb(1803kg) 5962lb(2710kg)
12-seater station wagon diesel 4050lb(1841kg) 5962lb(2710kg)

Fluid capacities
Engine size
17.1 US pints (pet)
16.5 US pints(die)
3.0 US gal
Engine sump (including filter)
14.8 US pints
14.8 US pints
3 US pints
3 US pints
Transfer box
5.5 US pints
5.5 US pints
Swivel hubs
1.2 US pints
1.2 US pints

Differential Rover Salisbury
  3.5 US pints (front) 5.4 US pints (front)
  3.5 US pints (rear) 5.4 US pints (rear)
Note: Salisbury axles are not normally fitted on the front axle.

Fuel tanks

All fuel tank capacities, both petrol & diesel, are 12 US gal(45litre) except for the 109in 6cyl & 109in Station Wagon, which are 19 US gal(73litre)

Turning circle
88inch 42ft(12.8m)
109inch 48ft(14.6m)
Larger tyres increase the turning circle. If larger tyres are fitted and there is a danger of the tyres contacting the leaf springs, then the turning circle may be reduced again by adding wheel spacers. These allow more lateral movement of the wheels without fouling the leaf springs.

Fuel consumption
88inch 2286cc petrol 15mpg (US)
88inch 2286cc diesel 24mpg (US)
109inch 2286cc petrol 15mpg (US)
109inch 2286cc diesel 23mpg (US)
109inch 2625cc petrol 12mpg (US)
Sustained urban use will lower these figures. Use of four-wheel drive significantly reduces them.


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