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Land Rover Series III Buyer's Guide - Author, Maurice Thurman

This book will be like having an expert at your side. It covers both short and long wheelbase Series III Land Rovers and focusses upon where and how you can buy one. You will be guided through the process of how to spot a poor vehicle quickly and it includes a comprehensive inspection guide.

An in-depth analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the Series III Land Rovers is provided, including desirable ugrades and some modifications to avoid. It has been written to be of value also as a resource after you have actually acquired a Series III Land Rover.

There is a useful section on world-wide Land Rover club back-up and support organisations.

Don't buy a Series III Land Rover without buying this book first.

Chapter titles:
1. Is it the right vehicle for you
2. Cost considerations
3. Living with a Land rover
4. Relative values
5. Before you view
6. Inspection equipment
7. Fifteen minute evaluation
8. Key points
9. Serious evaluation
10. Auctions
11. Paperwork
12. What's it worth?
13. Do you really want to restore?
14. Paint problems
15. Problems due to lack of use
16. The community
17. Vital statistics

The Series III Land Rover further developed the successive refinements of the Series I,II and IIA models, but remained true to its original concept as a utility vehicle for farmers; one that could be repaired and maintained with the minimum of specialist tools. It rapidly built up a worldwide reputation for rugged capability, which led to it being adopted by police forces and armies worldwide.
Reading this book, the potential buyer becomes aware of each model’s individual strengths and weaknesses. Having decided upon a preferred model, you are professionally guided through important aspects of the retail market, and given guidance on where and how to check for problems before purchasing. You will also be equipped to test drive your potential purchase with competence. Maintenance and running costs are realistically appraised, and an extensive checklist is provided to assist you with the evaluation process.
Incorporating over 100 colour photographs integrated into the concise and informative text, the book really becomes the expert in your pocket.

Additional Information

Author: Maurice Thurman
Period covered: 1971-85
Models covered: Series III short and long wheelbase models; petrol & diesel versions.
Models not covered: Military versions of Series III Land Rovers, Stage 1 V8 model and specialist models such as fire tenders.


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