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Series Land Rover - Engine stops and will not re-start

This article is concerned with a standard Series Land Rover engine (gas or diesel) which was previously running but will now not re-start.

Much can be gleaned from recalling how the engine stopped previously; if it stopped suddenly without warning and with no audible problem then, for a gas fueled engine, the chances are in favour of it being an electrical fault. In such cases you need to check all relevent electrical connections in the ignition circuit; starting with the most obvious such as the coil and distributor connections. For a diesel engine, the problem is most likely the complete failure of the fuel supply; so check the fuel pump and associated piping.

If, on the other hand, the engine struggled to run before finally stopping, then the most likely cause for both gas and diesel engines is a fuel supply problem. However, it is also possible that the cylinder head gasket or manifold gasket has become damaged (rare).

Standard Series Land Rover Diesel engines
Check all the fuel pipeline junctions for loose connections and leaking fuel; the problem is not so much the small amount of fuel leaking out but air being able to leak in. The air filter or fuel filter could have become blocked or there could be a problem with the fuel injectors (rare to affect more than one at once unless contaminated fuel is being used). The air filter is easily checked by temporarily removing it and trying to start the engine again.

Standard Series Land Rover Gas engines
Could be due to a blocked air filter (checked by temporarily disconnecting it) or a blocked fuel filter (checked by discconnecting the fuel pipe from the carburettor and manually pumping fuel into a container - ignition off and hot exhaust shielded from fuel spills by a cloth).
There could be a fuel pump problem caused by a punctured diaphragm; air leaking into the fuel via a loose connection or damaged pump gasket. There is a metal fuel filter gauze inside the pump that could have become blocked if there was significant rust inside the tank. There is also a fuel filter at the end of the outlet pipe from the fuel tank.


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