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Series Land Rover - Diesel Engine Lacks Power

The standard 2.25litre diesel engine fitted to Series Land Rovers is not known for its poer output. So if there is a loss of power below normal then this soon becomes a major issue and steps need to be taken to locate the reason for it.

As with any fault finding procedure start with the simplest possible causes first - is there a throttle linkage problem? Check along the entire route of the levers and springs leading to the distributor pump to see if any movement is being lost somewhere or there is an obstruction to maximum leverage.

When was the last time the fuel filters were cleaned? Export Series Land Rovers usually had two fuel filters fitted, though later, one of these was usually replaced by a sedimentor. Each filter body can be removed, the filter taken out, the filter casing cleaned and a new paper element fitted along with a new sealing ring. Some mechanical fuel pumps had a sediment bowl attached and these have a gauze filter in the top of the sediment bowl. If there is sediment visble in the glass bowl, then the filter proably needs cleaning as well as the sediment removing. In later models the a fuel pump without sediment bowl was used and a separate sedimentor replaced one of the main filters - this sedimentor can be drained via a drain plug at the bottom. Unlike with the filters, there is no need to prime the fuel system to remove air when the sedimentor has been drained.

There is also a gauze filter inside the fuel tank, fitted to the outlet pipe. This rarely causes problems but can be checked as a last resort.

Fuel injectors can become blocked despite the filters present. The easiest way to identify a blocked injector is to loosen the fuel inlet pipe connected to it whilst the engine is running - if the injector is working well then there will be a marked drop in engine revs but if it is partially blocked then there will only be a slight drop.

Power will be lost if the timing of injector pump is wrong. To check this put a mark on the pump body opposite the timing marker (so you can return to the original setting if necessary) then loosen the mounting bolts on the pump and rotate it clockwise 1-2mm. Restart the engine and notice if it runs better. If it runs rougher or looses more power then try rotating the pump 1-2mm anticlockwise. If no improvement then return to the original setting. Trial and erro can achieve the best timing position. Full details will be given in a workshop manual.


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