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Series Land Rover: Winter Storage

There many reasons why some Series Land Rover owners take their vehicle off the road during the winter months on a regular basis. There may be specific reasons why an owner may wish to take their vehicle off the road for part or all of this coming winter. Whatever the case, there are issues to be considered for the welfare of the vehicle.

Remove any mud from the chassis and elsewhere because, whilst the surface may be dry, the mud in contact with the metal surface may be moist and encourage steady corrosion over the winter months.

Check all fluid levels are up to their respective marks and that the antifreeze(if required) is of sufficient strength. This way you will be more likely to find a leak if there is one and with the vehicle being stationary for a lengthy period the exact location of the leak will be more apparent.

Any grease nipples on the propshafts or steering balljoints should be greased as joints are less likely to cease up if full of grease.

The ethanol content of gas is not good for storage situations since it encourages absorption of water and can lead to fuel tank corrosion. There are so many additives in gas these days that the quality of the fuel can deteriorate over time. Fuel stabiliser can be obtained which can be added to the gas remaining in the tank. It is best to not store the vehicle with a full tank of fuel as you can then use up the old fuel more quickly once the vehicle is back on the road.

This is best removed and either put on a trickle charger or given a fortnightly boost on a standard charger.

Finally, it is not uncommon for brakes or steering to stick a little after a winter layup. So make sure you allocate time to test drive the vehicle before you require it to get you somewhere on time.


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