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Roberto's Series 1 Land Rovers

Roberto Hirth is a Series Land Rover enthusiast who lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and he believes that Land Rover is the healthiest of all religions.

It's not often that anyone gets the opportunity to buy a Series 1 Land Rover but Roberto recently bought THREE!

Apparently, the previous owner had 4 such vehicles in an admirable attempt to keep at least one running during the years in which there was a Brazilian import restriction on vehicles and parts.

Roberto bought his Land Rovers in the village of Secretario, close to Rio de Janeiro, and intends to restore all three if possible. The first two, he says are in fair condition but it doesn't take a close inspection to see what work lies ahead for the third one!

Roberto intends to enlist the help of Landscape, the local dealer, whose owner, Milton Tesserolli, is one of Brazil's greatest Land Rover enthusiasts.

We wish you luck Roberto, and hopefully we will be able to feature a restored vehicle on this page in due course.