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Series Land Rover wheel
Measuring the 'inset' on a wheel rim.

Wheels for Series Land Rovers is a more complicated topic than you may imagine. The most user-friendly piece of information is probably that all standard Series I, II, IIA and III wheel rims are interchangeable between vehicles (we are excluding here 101's, 1 Tons & 130's). Having said that however, SWB rims should not be put on LWB models as they cannot safely support the larger tyres required for the heavier vehicle load.

In February 2015 the USA hompage was concerned with the variety and characterisitcs of the standard wheel rims provided for Series Land Rover for Series I, II & III

The March 2015 USA homepage was about possible problems with wheels; particularly associated with vibrations and noises.

The June 2015 homepages set up a hypothetical situation whereby there is a noisey front wheel. A diagnostic procedure is described in order to establish what is causing the noise and what can be done to remedy it.

Archived Steering Articles From Foreign Homepages
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The October 2007 UK homepage describes how the wheel alignment of a Series Land Rover may be measured by using a DIY approach using a flat floor, a tape meaure and a long straight baton.

The August UK 2011 homepage focussed upon setting the toe-in for the front wheels using a simple improvised wheel alignment tool.

The September 2011 UK homepage describes the procedure for adjusting the wheeel alignment assuming that you have some means of measuring it.

The May 2009 Australian homepage disccussed the types of standard wheel rims available for Series Land Roversand some points to be wary of.

The August 2011 Australian homepage gives details of the various alternative wheel nuts that have been used on standard wheel rims for Series Land Rovers.


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