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Links on this page to previous homepages which featured Series Land Rovers may describe details of vehicles that may now be under different ownership. If you are the current owner of one of the vehicles featured and would like to update us on the vehicle's activities then please contact us. Some original owners set up their own websites focussing on their vehicle. Some of these websites no longer exist however.

The April 2002 USA homepage featured 'Aardvark' Art Bitterman's 1960 Series II Land Rover 88". It told a brief history of a Land Rover that was acquired in the UK, restored and used there for many years and then shipped to the USA. Art's original website about the vehicle no longer seems to be online.

Series II

The May 2002 USA homepage touched upon the restoration of a 1967 Land Rover Series IIA SWB. It was owned by Nate at the time, but current website information cannot be found. The restoration included the installation of a Santana overdrive. The photo below shows the restored vehicle in a winter coat!

Series IIA

The November 2002 USA homepage featured Jim Hall's Series 2A 88" and mentioning his offroading activities around Denver Colorado. Sadly, his original website with more details and a video is no longer available.

Series2A 88inch

In the December 2002 the focus of the USA homepage was Roger Sinasohn's 1959 Land Rover Series II 109". His vehicle started out as a pick-up with a soft top but he converted it to something better suited to his needs and completed a series of long distance journeys in it. Notable amongst these journeys were San Francisco to Colorado and an epic journey through western Canada. Visit Roger's website to see many more photos of his series Land Rover and the journeys he made in it.

series land rover

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