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Links on this page to previous homepages which featured Series Land Rovers may describe details of vehicles that may now be under different ownership. If you are the current owner of one of the vehicles featured and would like to update us on the vehicle's activities then please contact us. Some original owners set up their own websites focussing on their vehicle. Some of these websites no longer exist however.

The October 2002 USA homepage featured Jim Young's 2.4 Mercedes diesel Series 3 Jim took charge of the vehicle in a sad state and completed a total rebuild. This included constructing an adapter plate to fit the Mercedes engine. Visit his website to see details of his restoration and some of the extensive trips he made in the Land Rover once the project was completed

The August 2004 USA homepage provided some details of Scott Wickham's Range Rover/Series Land Rover Hybrid This is the story of hybrids to beat all hybrids. Scott started with a Range Rover and then ....... well see for yourself.

The October 2009 USA homepage featured Mick Forster's Series IIA 88in Land Rover. This was the first Land Rover Mick had owned and you can read about some of his adventures in it, then visit his website to read about some of the others vehicles he has owned since.


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