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Beula: Jim Stewart's Series 2 1965 Land Rover

Land Rover Series 2

Jim's first experience with Land Rovers came in Africa whilst on leave in the navy. On return to the US he lived in the woods with the Rover. Colleen, his partner, dubbed her Beula. He added the tag Beula, the Beastmobile. During this time he used her for a runabout vehicle and worked the major bugs out of her. He also decided what he wanted to do with her and with himself.

Land Rover Series 2

Beula waited a long time for her restoration.

Now she goes to get things for Jim's family's home, takes them to the beach, gets their Christmas trees, and gives their two dogs rides on Saturday mornings.

Like many of us Series Land Rover owners, Jim sometimes thinks that this chunk of aluminum and cast iron just may have a soul!

Land Rover Series 2
Jim is now a registered nurse.