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1967 Land Rover Series IIA SWB

Land Rover Series 2A
When Nate first took possession of his 1967(68?) Land Rover Series 2a it was like this. It wasn't long before he replaced window channels and painted the hardtop sides Marine Blue and the top limestone. It then became the "Blue Brick".

He then swapped the hardtop and door for a pickup top.

At the same time, a Series III engine,
a Series IIa gearbox and transfer box (rebuilt by Nate) and
a Santana Overdrive
were installed into a galvanised chassis.
Land Rover Series 2A

Nate's website documents the total transformation of the "Blue Brick" into what became the "Blue Badger".

Land Rover Series 2A|
Blue Badger with winter coat
Land Rover Series 2A