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Series Land Rover Steering - Fault Diagnosis

Diagram of the Series Land Rover steering system operation

Steering shows excessive looseness or backlash
Rocker shaft inside the steering box either incorrectly adjusted or seriously worn; steering linkage loose or worn; loose fixings on the steering box; front wheel bearings loose or worn.

Steering is tight
Tire pressures are low or very unequal; oil level in the steering box is too low; rocker shaft inside the steering box adjusted too tightly; steering ball joints partially seized or incorrectly set up; lack of oil in the relay unit; wheelhub swivel pins lacking lubrication or partially seized.

Steering column rattles
Rocker shaft inside the steering box incorectly adjusted or badly worn.

Land Rover pulls to one side
Incorrect camber caused by unsettlled springs,worn shackle bushes axle damage; wrong castor angle or swivel pin inclination; uneven tire pressures or badly worn tires; brakes dragging; tight wheelhub swivel pin; tight or worn front wheel bearings; incoorrectt whell alignment.

Land Rover wanders on the road
Tire pressures are incorrect or tires worn; loose 'U' bolts on the axle; wheel alignment on front wheels not correct; steering box set too tight; front wheel bearings worn; swivel pins or bearings worn; unsettled road springs; chassis misaligned.

Wheel wobbles
Dashboard mounting of steering column loose; uneven tire pressures or badly worn tires; wheel rim buckled or tire not seated correctly; loose or worn hub bearings; worn swivel pins or bearings; incorrect damping set at swivel pins; insufficient damping at relay unit; loose engine mountings; universal joint in axle half shaft is worn; unsettled road springs or axle damage.

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