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July 2002 Homepage (USA)

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Mountains and a Series 3 Diesel Land Rover.
Land Rover Series 3

Sam and Katie Kinch's SWB Land Rover was bought from an auto mechanic in Italy.

Its specifications are 2.5 Diesel (used to be a 2.25 Diesel) - a Webasto Pre-heater (warms up engine using diesel in tank on cold mornings) - Goodyear Trac-Edge 7.5xR16 tires - - Rear fog light, reverse light, work lamp - Fairey Overdrive - Solar Trickle Charger. And, because they are seriously into mountains - a roof rack with locking snowboard mount.

Further modifications they would like to add are an alternative fuel system - running on waste vegetable oil (WVO) - Disc Brakes - Parabolics - Dual Battery.

Sam previously owned this 1977 Series 3 LWB petrol Land Rover.

Land Rover Series 3