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Series Land Rover Door Seals

Let's face it, the weather never stays outside of a Series Land Rover, it comes in around the doors!
When the 90 and 110 came along, the door seals were upgraded to softer rubber and a better design. But if you wish to use these later style seals on your earlier Series Land Rover then the 90 degree edges to the seal mounting flanges have to be ground off (except for late Series III) so that the 90/110 seals can be slid on.
Normally, a better weather-tight seal on the doors can be achieved by adjusting the door striker plate mounted on the door frame. As a solution to keeping more of the weather out, this should be trieded first; just slacken the mounting bolts and slide the striker plate nearer to the door. Sometimes however, the existing door seals have hardened sufficiently to seriously compromise the effectiveness of the seal. If new Series Land Rover seals are not easily obtained, then a quick and easy alternative is to use standard house window/door seals. They come in a range of thicknesses and you should only need, at most, a 3mm gap seal.

Just remove the backing and the self-adhesive surface can be fixed to the edges of the doors so that it seals against the existing faulty door seal.

You should find that these house window/door seals are available in a range of thicknessess so you can select the most suitable for the job.


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