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The 'One Ton' Series Land Rover

The vehicle shown above is owned by Steve Graham in the UK and was the first Series III 'One Ton' off the production line. It spent most of its life as a recovery truck for Kennings Ford until Steve completed a full restoration. He then went on to drive it to Sweden to take part in a club gathering.

The 'One Ton' Land Rover was first produced as a Series IIA from 1968 onwards. It is traditionally powered by the 6 cylinder
2625cc petrol engine as used in some standard SIIA 109's from 1967 onwards.

The Series IIA and III 'One Ton' Land Rovers were produced as a heavy duty load bearing vehicle and were popular for conversion into break-down recovery vehicles and fire engines. Due to their modified transmission their road speed is significantly reduced and 45-50mph is very good going for this vehicle. Similarly, their fuel consumption is relatively high at 13-15mpg.
Apart from modified transmission, larger tyres (9.00-16in) and larger brake shoes the general specifications of the 'One Ton' are the same as the standard 109.

The 'One Ton' is a rarely seen example of the Series Land Rover marque, since only about 275 of the SIIA versions and about 450 of the SIII's were built.

Some overall gear ratios were changed on the SIII version compared to the SIIA - High range for 1st and reverse were changed from 25.90 and 21.7:1 to 26.46 and 28.91:1 respectively. For low range the changes for 1st and reverse were from 55.3 and 46.4:1 to 56.56 and 61.78:1 respectively.
The brakes were also upgraded on the Series III 'One Ton' to 3in x 11in front and 2.25in x 11in rear.
The unladen weight for both the SIIA and SIII versions is from 3886lb with a maximum allowable vehicle weight of 6750lb.

Thanks to Steve for allowing me to use the photo.

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