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Cooling Fans and the Series Land Rover


The Series Land Rover was originally developed to allow for powering a variety of farm machinery whilst stationary via a Power Take-Off (PTO). The standard Land Rover radiator was therefore designed to allow for efficient cooling even under these stationary workload conditions. Today's typical Series Land Rover is not normally asked to perform such duties, so the radiator provides more efficient cooling than is actually required most of the time.

The standard mechanical fan tends to over cool the engine under ordinary operational road conditions even in temperate weather and when used for short journeys. Basically, as long as there is sufficient movement of the vehicle to provide a steady stream of cooling air through the radiator vanes then there is no need of additional cooling by means of a fan. This additional energy required to turn the fan leads to higher fuel consumption. Also, as the engine (petrol or diesel) works most efficiently at higher temperature there is greater fuel consumption whilst the engine is warming up. The warm-up time is significantly reduced when there is no fan to cool the radiator down. So fitting an electric fan and removing the mechanical fan is often a good option to go for, and in today's fuel market the price of the electric fan can soon be recouped in fuel savings.

It should not be assumed however that the mechanical fan can be removed and no replacement electric fan fitted. There will always be times when the vehicle becomes stationary
after running for some time. In this situation it does not take long for the engine temperature to exceed it's desired maximum temperature and additional cooling is then required.

A variety of fans are available and are controlled by a thermal sensor that is usually fitted into the radiator hose. Some fans have an override switch so that the fan can be switched on manually. This option is often chosen mostly by Series Land Rover owners
who either tow heavy loads in hot weather or tow frequently up steep inclines. In these situations the electric fan is mounted infront of the radiator and the mechanical fan is left in place. The fan can then be switched on in anticipation of the expected the additional heat being generated by a slower moving vehicle burning an increased amount of fuel.

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