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Last Updated 9/18/09

Series Land Rover Fuel Pipes

The incentive for focussing on fuel pipes this month is to raise awareness that metal braided fuel pipes may not always deserve the confidence they often instill in Series Land Rover owners.

Transporting the fuel safely from the fuel tank to the engine is critically important. Often the first sign of a leakage problem is a faint smell of fuel either when the engine is running or just after it has been switched off, when there is still a little pressure within the fuel pump to encourage leakage. That is the time to start investigations, before matters get worse. It is rare for gas to reach the ground from a slightly leaking fuel pipe, leaving a tell-tale mark, unless it is mid winter.

The photos above represent the outer and inner of a gas fuel pipe which was certainly less than 12 months from fitting it new: It was connected to the carburettor. Presumably, at the early stage of the leak, the gas would have evaporated immediately due to the warmth from the engine. The pipe would even have felt dry to the touch. Deterioration of the pipe was so rapid that gas was detectable by touch. Obviously the rubber was of substandard quality yet it was sold as a good quality aftermarket replacement part for any vehicle. During the process of pulling out the inner rubber tubing from the metal sleeve the tubing broke completely into two pieces.

So if you detect a smell of gas don't discount those metal braided fuel pipes as being a possible cause. Investigate the cause!

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The last Series III's were military 88in half tonnes destined for Iraq


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