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James Ferguson's Series III Land Rover (Lucy-Jo)

James describes himself as a sufferer of Landroveritus and reckons that it's contagious, so he recommends you keep your distance unless you have very deep pockets, like getting cold, wet and oily, love getting muddy and don't mind travelling very slowly!
Pretty much the standard symptoms of owning a Series Land Rover really.

This was James' first Land-Rover, bought in July 1998 and was a petrol engined 1976 Series 3 88'' wheelbase model which he was very fond of. James christened her Lucy-Jo ('cos everything was either seized up solid with rust or had worked loose (Lucy - geddit?) and she was James's Offroader (J.O.).

A friend of his dared him to paint Lucy-Jo with black and yellow chevrons front and rear like a railway shunter. James went one better and painted his caravan as a 'Blood and Custard' railway carriage...

In the spring of 2002 he fulfilled an ambition he had had for a very long time by taking her on an overland expedition. Along with a group of friends in their various Land-Rovers, James drove his Series Land Rover to Morocco to the Sahara desert and back again. The whole trip was very exciting and not entirely without incident. You can read the diary or look at some of the photographs on James' website.

Shortly after his return from Morocco, James decided to sell her as he wanted to move up to a faster, more economical and modern Land-Rover, so in August 2002 he replaced Lucy-Jo with a 1994 Land-Rover Discovery 300 Tdi S.

Over the years that James owned Lucy-Jo, he made quite a few modifications to her. When he sold her she was almost unrecognisable from how she was when he bought her. There are links James' website to explanations of some of the projects and minor mods he made.

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Fascinating facts
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Only about 250 SIIA and about 450 SIII 'One Ton' vehicles were produced.


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