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The Forward Control IIB was introduced in 1967


Last Updated 2/1/10

Re-lining the Brake Shoes for a Series Land Rover

The Series Land Rover was designed to be as user-friendly as possiblen with respect to maintenance. So perhaps it should come as no surprise to learn that for most vehicles new linings require new brake shoes but Series I, II and III owners have the option of obtaining just replacement linings if they wish.
However, some brake shoes have the linings bonded to them rather than riveted. If these linings are worn but the shoes are still actually drilled for riveted linings (quite often the case), then the bonded linings can be removed and new pre-drilled linings riveted on.
Note: brake linings are likely to contain cancer-causing asbestos and a breathing mask should be worn when the dust may be present in the air.
To remove riveted linings put the upturned brake shoe in a vice and cut off the burred side of the rivets and then use a centte punch to knock out the rivets themselves. Once the lining has been removed, clean the bonding surface with a fine file.
To fit a new lining, fix a flat top punch vertically in the vice (to act as a dolly for the rivet); fit a rivet in one of the center holes in the lining and then hold the lining and shoe over the dolly. Use a center punch to splay the rivet outwards until the lining is securely gripped. Fix the the rivets from the center outwards. Finally, chamfer the ends of the linings (Care: dust) to prevent the sharp edges causing the brakes to grab suddenly and violently.
Don't forget that your Series Land Rover will not brake evenly and efficiently unless the shoes are fitted correctly and that means ensuring that the shoes are aligned so that the linings and brake drum inner surface are perfectly parallel.

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