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Door Hinges On a Series Land Rover

Series I
Series II
Series III

Hinges characterise the model of a Series Land Rover. The hinges became more complex in design as the models developed. All hinges eventually wear and cause the door to sag at the closing end. New hinges will rectify the problem of course, but alternative solutions are available depending on the type of hinge. A Series I Land Rover with a worn hingepin, can be re-used by swapping it over to the opposite door, since it is then working upside down on the other end of the hingepin. A Series II/IIA Land Rover hinge can be rejuvenated with a kit that consists of replacement bolt, spring and bearing. Series III hinges are the strongest and are very resistant to wear; if they do give trouble they are not serviceable, so keep them lubricated regularly.

Sometimes a hinge wear problem can be rectified by re-positioning the hinge slightly. For Series I's this would involve modifying the holes in the door. For Series II/IIA's there is adjustment allowed in the door mounting pillar because the captive nuts can be moved. Similarly, for Series II's, the door pillar mountings can be adjusted.
Once having adjusted the hinge mountings, then it will be necessary to adjust the striker plate on the opposite door pillar, so that the door closes effectively. This is easily done as the striker plates use moveable captive nuts, but they are held together as a pair and are freely floating, so do not completely remove the striker plate bolts, as you will then have to fish for the nut assembly in the lower door frame pillar - been there, done that!

If completely replacing hinges, then replace them one at a time, so as to reduce the re-alignment problems. The door should be open and supported near the centre on a jack, so that no strain is put on the remaining hinge. Having fitted new hinges or renovated them, you will need to adjust the striker plate to get the new position where the door does not need to be slammed.

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