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The 'Forest Rover' was an approved conversion using giant tyres for traction in extreme situations


Last Updated 6/1/10

Series IIA Land Rover in Project Mode

A typical Series Land Rover project in motion. The owner of this 1970 88 inch requires the vehicle to be serviceable and roadworthy for as long as possible, whilst under the constraints of a progressive restoration budget.

Three years into its present ownership has seen the vehicle undergo a major transformation. It has progressed from a Defender look-a-like, of which the owner did not approve, with wheel arches and Series III wings, to a more original spec Series IIA Land Rover as you see it below.

Accessories, such as the bull bar, have been removed and the paintwork has been stripped back to bare metal, awaiting the next stage of the restoration process. The vehicle is described by the owner as a 'real bitsa' made up from earlier Series II parts and later Series III. Under the hood is a TDI engine from a Series 1 Discovery. The engine returns a much more rewarding 35mpg as apposed to the 18mpg of the original 2.25litre gas engine. The vehicle is destined to be painted marine blue, the original colour that it left the factory in 40 years ago. Whilst this Series Land Rover may appear to have had a military background, it was not actually the case. It is intended to do a complete rebuild on a new chassis once funds permit.

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