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Last Updated 7/1/10

Distributor Cap & Rotor Arm for the Series Land Rover

A typical Series Land Rover is not known for its high performance ON the road. To get the best performance from it that you can, relies heavily upon the efficient working of the distributor and its ancillary components. Two of these are the topic of this short article.

Electric current enters through the center of the cap via the carbon electrode. This electrode must be in good contact with the brass plate in the center of the rotor arm. It is the job of the spring behind the electrode to achieve this and you should check that both the spring and electrode are in good health.
Electric current leaves the cap via one of the four aluminum contacts inside the cap. These should be inspected for wear and white deposits, and if observed, then this is a sign that the gap between the rotor arm and the contacts is too wide. These four contacts are insulated from each other by the plastic nature of the cap, but if the cap is cracked then moisture and specks of conducting material can enter the crack and provide a short circuit route for the current. This can result in your Series Land Rover proving difficult to start and lacking power.

The rotor arm acts as an electrical bridge between the carbon electrode and the aluminum contacts. The weakest point in the bridge is at the contacts end since a spark has to jump a small gap here. How efficiently this jumping is, can be judged by inspecting the end of the rotor arm and the contacts themselves. A blackened and pitted rotor arm is a sign of trouble here. There are too many poor quality Series Land Rover parts coming out of Asia these days and you may find that the rotor arm is the wrong size, the contacts aren't equally spaced, the cap cracks easily etc etc.
OEM spec. rules!

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