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Safe Working on Your Series Land Rover

No point in fixing your Series Land Rover if you cause damage to yourself along the way. We always want to do the repairing as quickly as possible, but we should not cut corners and save time by skimping on safety issues. Neither should we take it for granted that cuts, scratches and bruises to hands are inevitable - wearing a thin pair of gloves when using wrenches and other tools in confined spaces usually keeps your DNA where it belongs.

Series Land Rovers generally only require basic tools for most repairs but make sure you have the full range you are likely to need available to you. Improvising on tools needed to perform a task is a common cause of problems leading to injury. Make sure that damaged or seriously worn tools are repaired or replaced.

We tend to take our eyesight for granted but working with cutters, grinders or welding gear really does deserve your respect. Wear appropriate eye protection. The high ground clearance of a Series Land Rover means that we can crawl under it easily, but that just means we do it more often, increasing the odds of damaging particles entering our eyes.

If grinding, or welding be aware just how far sparks can travel - as far as the flammable solvents on your workshop shelves. Always tighten bolts to the correct torque, because not only does overtightening damage threads, but at a later date, it can cause them to fail and their failure can cause damage to you. Be safe, stay happy.

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FC101 ambulances were used in the 1991 Gulf War.


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